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OGC INDUSTRY BULLETIN 2020-01: Spatial Data Reconciliation Enhanced for Oil and Gas Facilities

Jan. 3, 2020


The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) has modified databases to include a more accurate location for facilities in the province.

Before the implementation of the Application Management System (AMS) in summer 2016, there was no mandatory requirement for proponents to submit surface Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate locations for facilities. Data fields to enter accurate UTM locations in Commission databases did exist; however, these were not always populated or verified. Historically, the location of facilities was calculated as the centre of the quarter section based on the Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) grid.

There are a number of corporate initiatives that rely on having the accurate location of all oil and gas activities in the province. The Commission has now reviewed, verified and loaded more accurate facility locations using data sources such as legacy site information, user entered locations, and facility files. Facility locations were determined using the best information available. The Commission recognizes that if more accurate location information exists, we will work with proponents to update this information, as required.


Updated facility locations can be viewed in KERMIT and associated reports from Commission data sources. Spatial data is available for download from the Commission’s Open Data Portal. It is also available from DataBC’s iMapBC or the BC Data Catalogue.