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New Well Applications Moving into OneStop

Message from the AER:


The Alberta Energy Regulator is hosting information sessions in Calgary to inform licensees and service providers about changes being made to the process for submitting well licence applications.

Sessions will cover the process for submitting new well licence applications through OneStop. The presentation will include the following:

• Automation of well licence application submissions
• Automation of low-risk well licences
• Applying for multiple well licences in a single submission
• Simplified well classification system and confidentiality

Sessions will begin with a presentation followed by an open question and answer period. A video of the presentation will be posted on the AER’s YouTube channel after September 26, 2019.

The target audience is licensees who hold or intend to apply for any type of well licence, including third-party service providers and industry associations. Attendees should be familiar with the Integrated Decision Approach and the OneStop tool.

To register and for more information about these sessions, please visit our Events Page.