100% Compliance Guaranteed

Fugitive Emissions Management

CAPP’s Best Management Practice for Fugitive Emissions Management outlines the requirements for companies to manage their FEMS by December 31, 2009.

AER Directive 060 states that operators must meet or exceed the CAPP Best Management Practice for Fugitive Emissions.

Eclipse Consulting Ltd (Eclipse) will implement a comprehensive management program to ensure complete compliance to the requirements for Fugitive Emissions by using a 7 step process.

Using the Eclipse solution to manage your Fugitive Emissions will ensure compliance for you today and in the future.

Service Advantages

  • Comprehensive Eclipse team of Safety, pipeline and ERP professionals to ensure compliance to the FEMS regulations.
  • Complete system Management
  • Ensure compliance today and continue into tomorrow.
  • Continued program management
  • Eclipse is working with ERCB to develop reporting protocols
  • Use most current technology (HSX inferred)
  • Former operations experience
  • Over 500 facilities inspected to date
  • The Only Fully Managed System
  • Cost Savings are immediate
  • Provide follow up to ensure leaks have been fixed


Key Components

  • Outline of Target Components
  • Leak Detection
  • Quantification of Leaks
  • Repair Protocol
  • Monitoring Frequency
  • Record Keeping
  • Training
  • Provide guidance for AER audits

Program Deliverables

  • Identify all target components that are required to be tested
  • Provide leak detection with quantified results
  • Provide analysis for repair protocols
  • Continue to monitor existing leaks until they are repaired
  • Monitor testing frequency for future testing requirements
  • Complete record keeping and reporting as required
  • Provide training to company staff with regards to the FEMS program requirements
  • Cost Savings are immediate

Download our Fugitive Emissions Management brochure here.