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BC OGC Launches Mediation Service Pilot Project

EFFECTIVE DATE: Jan. 29, 2019


The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is launching a new mediation service to provide an

additional level of support for land owners in cases where land owners and companies are not able to

agree on remedies for complaints and site restoration post permit.


Due to a broadening of the Commission’s role in engagement, the Commission has identified a need

for support and processes to bridge existing services for stakeholders during the permitting process and

managing differences throughout the full lifecycle of energy activities.


The Commission’s new pilot mediation service will aim to resolve issues between land owners and

companies. It will be:


• A confidential process with an experienced Commission mediator.

• Independent of any Commission decision making.

• A no cost service with no opportunity for funding.

• Available for land owners and industry who have issues within the Commission’s regulatory jurisdiction.


This service contributes to the Commission’s values of transparency and responsiveness, and respects

those affected by energy resource development. The Commission will be launching this mediation service

as a pilot project for one year and will then evaluate its effectiveness and demand. At this time the pilot

project is restricted to land owners with activity on their property.


In most cases, land owners and external parties will be referred by Commission employees, such as

inspectors, who are familiar with the differences between the two parties and recognize mediation may be

beneficial. However, if external parties are unsure of whether they qualify for this service or not they can

email mediation@bcogc.ca with additional questions.


Should you have any questions regarding this Industry Bulletin, please contact:

Corey Jonsson

Director, Stakeholder Relations

BC Oil and Gas Commission