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AER Announcement: IAR Query and EPS Query 30-Day Viewing Restrictions Lifted

Announcement from the AER:

We have changed how long you will be able to view and download files submitted electronically that are attached to applications in our Integrated Application Registry (IAR) Query and the Electronic Proceeding System (EPS) Query. We have removed the 30-day restriction we had earlier for such files. You can now view and download these files at any time. This change is part of our work to make information about energy development more accessible. You will not be able to view any confidential attachments however. This restriction has not changed.

If you need to view files submitted before these systems were put in place (earlier than 2002), you will still have to request them through our Information Distribution Services, for a fee.

You can find the IAR Query and EPS Query under Systems and Tools on our website, www.aer.ca.