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OGC Industry Bulletin 2019-03: New Dormant Site Provisions

New Dormant Site Provisions

DATE: March 4, 2019


The BC Oil and Gas Commission (Commission) is developing regulations to impose timelines on the clean-up of dormant well sites, which are wells and their associated operating areas that for five or more years have not met a certain threshold of activity. These changes are supported in legislation by Bill 15 and associated amendments to the Oil and Gas Activities Act.


The Bill 15 amendments were passed in May 2018 and allow the Commission to impose requirements for the clean-up of dormant sites. As a result, B.C. will become the first province in western Canada to impose timelines for clean-up. The Commission is currently developing regulations for restoration timeframes that promotes timely clean-up, while ensuring operators will have the flexibility to achieve cost-efficient restoration.

There are currently approximately 10,000 well sites in B.C. that are no longer active. The Commission will be working closely with industry to ensure these wells are cleaned up and restored.


Please contact the Commission’s regulatory affairs department if you have further questions.

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