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AER Bulletin 2019-29: Tracking and Manifesting Produced Water

Tracking and Manifesting Produced Water
Release Date: Nov 12, 2019

On November 19, 2018, Alberta Transportation issued Permit 2018-4703 (Permit P) for transporting produced water by truck that has not been cleaned or purged. Due to the overlap with the AER’s tracking and manifesting requirements found in Directive 058: Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry, some confusion has arisen.

All Directive 058 requirements are still in force and are independent of Alberta Transportation requirements. Companies must continue to comply with all AER requirements, including the following:

  • Track, report, and manifest produced water using the code “WATER: Water – Produced (including brine solutions),” even if being transported with a transportation of dangerous goods placard.
  • Follow the list of codes in Appendix 3 of Directive 047: Waste Reporting Requirements for Oilfield Waste Management Facilities  when tracking, reporting, or manifesting oilfield waste.
  • If contaminants are present, characterize the water. If the properties are deemed dangerous, as outlined in Directive 058, then use the Alberta Oilfield Waste Manifest Form and adhere to manifesting requirements outlined in section 8 of Directive 058 when transporting the waste within Alberta.

If you have any questions about this bulletin or the directive, send an email to Directive058@aer.ca.

Directive 058 is available on the AER website, www.aer.ca. Printed copies of the directive can be purchased from AER Information Distribution Services, Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R4; telephone: 403-297-8311 or 1-855-297-8311 (toll free; option 2); fax: 403-297-7040; email: InformationRequest@aer.ca.