Total Compliance System (TCS)

We proudly maintain a perfect 100% compliance record on behalf of our clients with all regulatory bodies including the AER, AEP, OGC, and NEB.

Now, Eclipse has taken regulatory compliance to the next level…

The Eclipse TCS is a Web-based system that helps clients manage and evaluate their Facilities, Pipelines & Operations with respect to current regulations.



  • Web-based system to Evaluate & Manage Compliance of all your pipelines and facilities
  • Evaluate & Manage Compliance of all your Operations
  • Once evaluated – Maintain compliance on a go-forward basis
  • See the effects of any and all changes you make to your infrastructure.
  • Accurately Budget your costs for regulatory and compliance work


Why choose Eclipse?

  • Accurate Estimates for all work.
  • Easy Budgeting – Invoices never exceed 110% of estimate
  • Guaranteed 100% compliance or the work is free.
  • Specialized expertise. All we do is regulatory and compliance work!

To see how the Eclipse Total Compliance System can help you, please contact us to arrange for a presentation.