Sour Gas

The AER, OGC, CAPP and other organizations have developed comprehensive guidelines to address sour gas development issues. One of Eclipse’s core competencies is sour gas. We can provide an in depth plan for the Owner company to move through the required stakeholder consultation and application activities.


Sour Gas Facility Expertise

With respect to sour gas, Eclipse is fully experienced and familiar with:

  • EPEA Sour Gas Plant Applications/Renewals
  • Emergency Response Planning (AER Directive 71)
  • Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) Calculations
  • Flaring Restrictions (AER Directive 60)
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Sulphur Recovery (AER ID2001)
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Substance Release Regulation
  • Acid Gas Injection

Along with the specific sour gas expertise, Eclipse is fully knowledgeable of all Environmental Requirements relative to sour gas processing facilities such as:

  • Odours
  • Emissions
  • Related Land Use
  • Wildlife Protection