Schedule Management and Expediting

For overall management of a Project Schedule, it is critical to properly estimate Application and Approval timelines in to the planning.  Coordination, tracking and expediting of regulatory applications are often overlooked tasks. There must be a DRIVER for all regulatory applications and coordination of the Survey, Land, Engineering and Regulatory deliverables.

Eclipse is completely familiar with the coordination of all parties as well as defining the appropriate Regulatory Bodies and required applications.  Typical schedule impacts for an Alberta Pipeline project includes:

AER Pipeline Agreements   Up to 6 weeks

  • Industry Notifications
  • Pipeline Agreement
  • AER Approval


Pipeline Crossings and requirement for agreements with:  Up to 7 weeks

  • Landowner (Land crossing)
  • Affected Company (Pipeline crossing)
  • Municipality (Gravel road crossing)
  • Alberta Transportation (Paved road crossing)
  • Water Resource Mgmt. (Class D Creek Crossing)
  • Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans (Class B River Crossing)


AEP Up to 7 weeks

  • Fish & Wildlife Assessment
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Notification


AEP  Up to 4 weeks

  • Caribou Protection Plan
  • October 15 Deadline


Department of Fisheries & Oceans  Up to 4 weeks

  • River Crossings


 Emergency Response Plan                                                                                          Up to 10 weeks

  • Sour Gas ERP