What is EPAP?

EPAP stands for “Enhanced Production Audit Program”. This is a new regulatory requirement, outlined in AER Directive 076.  Under the requirements of this directive, EPAP calls for a risk and controls based approach to auditing production measurement and reporting. Controls and the results of evaluation, are to be reported to the AER on an annual basis through DDS, along with a Declaration from one or more senior officers, signifying their understanding of the state of compliance.

Please see the following EPAP links: http://www.aer.ca/documents/directives/Directive076.pdf


Why would you need assistance?

Volumetric measurement and reporting requirements have been around since “the beginning of time”.  However, the Directive 076 approach to auditing those requirements, and understanding the state of compliance, is brand new to the oil patch.  The AER expectations around such topics as “use of judgment” and “reasonable level of assurance” also leave much up to interpretation, and create the risk of error in implementing and sustaining your program.

Leave your EPAP implementation and on-going sustainment up to professionals to who successfully delivered. Consider Eclipse for your EPAP work.


Eclipse approach to EPAP

Eclipse offers a unique, low-cost and proven-effective system to manage and sustain your Enhanced Production Audit Program, and achieve compliance with AER Directive 076.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We begin by promoting and implementing our proprietary Measurement and Reporting Manual (MERM) across your Operations, where applicable.We seek to understand and document your controls related to AER volumetric measurement and reporting requirements. One way to get this information is to understand how far along you are with the MERM.  An alternate way is to start afresh and document existing controls.
    • The MERM contains procedures which, if implemented, help achieve compliance.We utilize a time-proven and effective approach to evaluate controls, report your EPAP results through the DDS system, and prepare your remediation plan.
  • To do all this, we utilize a team of in-house regulatory experts, which include measurement and reporting subject-matter experts. Guiding and leading our EPAP team is Garry Visser, formerly from Visser Consulting. Garry has been involved in the design and delivery of EPAP programs for many clients since its inception in 2010.What our clients say about us: Open Range Energy
  • Ken Motkoski,
  • “We wanted an effective, customized and cost-effective way to be compliant with EPAP and Directive 076 requirements.  Eclipse delivered the product we wanted, and at a price we were comfortable with.  We had the further comfort of knowing that the individual who led the design and development of EPAP for the ERCB was involved with the work”.

Why Eclipse?

We’re your regulatory experts. We pride ourselves in being specialists as far as AER regulations are concerned, and our EPAP product is uniquely designed to maximize compliance and minimize cost.

For more Eclipse EPAP Compliance information please contact the following:

Garry Visser (403) 620-7686 or email: gvisser@eclipsereg.com


Eclipse® provides regulatory consulting service for oil and gas facilities and pipelines in Western Canada. Company personnel have successfully executed over 2,000 regulatory applications for Owner companies and EPCMs.

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