Greg Fleming

Greg FlemingMr. Greg Fleming is President of Eclipse Regulatory Compliance Specialists and has over 15 years of oil and gas regulatory experience.  During his career, Mr. Fleming has been ultimately responsible for the successful completion of over 4,000 applications to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) and Saskatchewan Energy and Resources (SER). Mr. Fleming founded Eclipse in 2003 and now leads a team of 12 regulatory and compliance specialists, providing services to Producers, Midstream and EPCM organizations.

His experience includes natural gas, conventional oil and heavy oil.  He also has significant experience relative to sour gas and the comprehensive guidelines to address sour gas development issues as well as Hearings and Public Consultations.   With respect to the AER, Mr. Fleming is an expert in oil and gas facility, resource and operation applications.  His facility application experience in well, pipeline, field and plant facilities is comprehensive.  His knowledge of resource applications related to items such as commingling, well spacing and water disposal is excellent.

Mr. Fleming also has significant experience in operation applications, regarding air and safety compliance (emergency response plans, setback requests, noise related issues, flaring permits), production operation compliance (gas plant performance and operational compliance, solution gas conservation and flaring compliance, facility and measurement variance applications), pipeline compliance and well operations compliance.

Mr. Fleming is an expert in AER enforcement issues and provides advice and consultation to producers requiring support.